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LightRay™ Illuminator

LightRay™ Illuminator

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Introducing the LightRay™ Illuminator, a revolutionary blend of innovation and style that redefines the concept of modern lighting. Crafted as a sleek cylindrical form, this lamp illuminates your space with a mesmerizing beam of light, creating a captivating ambiance that mesmerize the senses.

The LightRay™ Illuminator features a unique collapsible lighting string, ingeniously attached to the top of the cylinder with magnets. When tilted, the string gracefully wanders within the cylinder, freely adjusting its position until it reconnects with the magnetic top, ensuring seamless operation without any tangled cords or limitations.

✔️ CORDLESS & USB RECHARGEABLE - Enjoy up to 22 hours of mesmerizing light with this elegant, cordless, and rechargeable lamp. Place it anywhere you desire for an enchanting glow.
✔️ COLLAPSIBLE LIGHTING STRING - Opt for a stable, magnetically secured beam of light, or allow it to move freely within the lamp for dynamic illumination.
✔️ TOUCH-SENSITIVE - Choose from three unique lighting modes: soft glow, bright light, and Pulsating Breath mode. In the Breath mode, the lamp gently cycles between soft and bright settings, mimicking the rhythm of breathing for a mesmerizing ambiance.

Experience ultimate control with the touch-sensitive button, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the brightness across two dimmable levels and enable the Breath-mode where the brightness shifts between the two dim-levels as it breaths. This ensures the perfect lighting for any occasion whether you seek a soft intimate glow or a vibrant illumination, the LightRay™ Illuminator adapts to your preferences with ease. 

Embrace the freedom of placing your cordless lamp anywhere you want, thanks to the rechargeable design of the LightRay™ Illuminator. With its long-lasting battery life and convenient USB charging, this lamp offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to create captivating lighting displays anywhere you desire.

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Size: 24x9cm or 14x7cm (9.5x3.5 in or 5.5x2.8 in)
Dimmable: Yes
Battery time: 12-22 hours depending on level of brightness
Battery Capacity: 3000 mAh
Material: ABS+PC
Lighting Modes: Low brightness, high brightness and the Pulsating Breath-mode

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