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WildCraft™ Light Sculptures

WildCraft™ Light Sculptures

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WildCraft™ Light Sculptures represents a masterful collection of animal-inspired, stained glass-style lighting creations, meticulously crafted to imbue your living spaces with an enchanting play of light and a kaleidoscope of colors. Our selection of 16 unique animal motifs is designed not merely to illuminate but to transform your décor, introducing an element of magical allure to any setting.

✔️ 14 Exclusive Motifs - Delve into our array of 16 exclusive animal motifs, where each light sculpture is a masterpiece of design, offering you a unique avenue to showcase your individual taste and style.

✔️ Stained Glass Craftsmanship - Each light sculpture is a testament to the beauty of crafted artistry, bringing sophistication and depth to your interiors with their vibrant, meticulously arranged patterns.

✔️ Decorative Masterpieces - Ideal for enhancing the ambiance of tables, bookshelves, nightstands, or any space within your home, these sculptures serve dual purposes: they illuminate as they decorate, merging utility with unparalleled artistic expression.

✔️ Enduring Illumination & Convenience - Equipped with a powerful battery, our sculptures shine brightly for 12-16 hours on a single charge, ensuring your space is beautifully lit from dusk till dawn. Conveniently USB rechargeable, they blend seamless functionality with modern ease, allowing for effortless recharging anywhere, anytime.

✔️ Ambiance Creators - Engineered to cultivate an atmosphere of peace and comfort, our sculptures stand as the quintessential element for enriching your home’s ambiance, enveloping your space in warmth and captivating charm.

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Material: Resin
Battery Time: 12-16 hours
Size: 15cm / 5.91in
Power supply: USB rechargeable

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